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Does this sound familiar?

In the big scheme of things, have you been in situations that challenged your inner knowing with the physical reality? Have you felt disconnected from your emotions or letting them run your life?  What about your levels stress and anxiety?  What is your head telling you? Feelings of low self worth? Are you happy with you current work life balance?

If your answer is YES, then perhaps exploring another way of navigating through your situation is due.  We only have one life, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow so why not have the best RIGHT NOW?

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If there’s one thing I learned, is that once you discover Awareness you will never be the same. You cannot hide or run away from it. In fact it will become your Salvation to finding Inner Peace and Prosperity.
— Batia, Founder of infinitelyou


Batia about

I've always been curious about human behaviour.  Working and dealing with people across a wide range of circumstances over  20 years, has been a massive learning experience.  It's been an interesting journey through work, travel, relocating continents, study and training, and spiritual experiences.

I'm a firm believer in authenticity, integrity, transparency, and assertiveness while integrating "technical" and spiritual principles.  My preference is best described as non conventional, with the final aim of being a conduit for people to become the best version of themselves. 

When we become the best version of ourselves, we begin to see the BIGGER picture and humanity from a different perspective.


Miss B

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Looking for a new you?

Take the first step to start living the best you! 

If like me, you've been dealing with life but not being fully satisfied with what is unfolding - this is the space for you!  There is no denying life can be very interesting at times, but I'm a firm believer that how we approach a situation is determined by our perceptions and responses.

The eBook you are about to download is an introduction to ACT.  It's a non technical look which helped me to resolve many of my personal demons with language and attachment to words, and the reactions they can generate.  

All change starts with awareness from within!


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